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  • Bymiguel
  • Aug 02, 2023
yo tengo uno que en modo estabilizador cambia los centros de los servos, aconsejo no comprar, he visto videos que les pasa lo mismo.
el soporte de dualsky no soluciona

  • ByRobert Toth Order 2465
  • Mar 08, 2017
My install was in a normal airplane:2 ailerons, elevator and rudder
The Set mode would not allow me to get into the normal airplane mode (L1 green L2 Blue) only the Delta mode (Green Green). The face up install option (blue Blue) could not be accessed. The install direction would only allow me to get into the Face Right (blue Red) or the face down mode (Blue green).
I installed the connection wires to match the normal airplane diagram.
It does not work and sending it back is not an option. Try other manufacturers product

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