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XM3040 EG capsuled series outrunner inrunner(w/ housing) motors, rear wire outlet.

EG capsuled series outrunner inrunner(w/ housing) motors, rear wire outlet.
Item Code: XM3040EG
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    860KV 1020KV 1350KV 1850KV
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  • ByMerv (rocketmrv)
  • Jun 14, 2020
Dualsky EG 3040 860Kv.
Purchased for RCRCM E-Typhoon but the motor ended up in my 1,600 Volantex Phoenix. Excellent motor for the Phoenix,and would no doubt fly the Typhoon well also. The Phoenix has been made more aerodynamic where possible and all up flying weight is 1120 grams. The Dualsky easily powers the glider on three series LiPo,with enough power to climb vertically. Prop 14 X 8. Although slightly over propped with the same 14 X 8 prop on four series LiPo,with careful use of the throttle,performance is increased markedly. Although only a "foamie",the plane wouldn't be far behind my composite built Hotliner! And don't really have to worry so much about being over-propped,by the time ten seconds of full power has been applied the plane is almost out of sight,and no further use of throttle is required for the next half minute or so!
     I find the new Dualsky 3040 EG,860Kv. motor an excellent choice for upgrading the standard Phoenix motor. Plenty of torque,smooth,well balanced,and plenty of power. This motor is an ideal unit for any powered sailplane,glider,and would power any type of plane weighing under 1.2 Kg. Acro,3D,aerobatic. Also any sailplane,glider,up to 2.0 Kg. A well designed,well manufactured motor ideal for "foamies" and other planes. Congratulations Dualsky on the new EG 3040 860 Kv. A small but powerful,high torque motor.
Thanks Dualsky,